Don’t stop being creative – just beware creative consumers!

The recent ‘hijacking’ of two well-intentioned social media campaigns made me start to think: “is it worth it?” Why try to innovate and get the audience really involved? Is it now too risky to try and be creative and attempt to create a unique personalised experience for the audience?

In case you missed it,  The National Lottery has become the latest victim of internet trolls and now stands alongside Walkers Crisps on the “Campaign Gone Wrong” podium.

The idea of personalisation is nothing new in marketing. For years, personalisation has been a basic creative tactic employed by marketers across the globe to try and make their product or service appear to treat their audience as unique individuals rather than just another line in a database.

The also not-so-recent advent of social media provides yet another opportunity for marketers to test their creative limits and show how much they value your ‘uniqueness’.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when we see some of the biggest brands out there trying to create personalised content via social media. What’s even more creative is building a platform that lets the audience engage and personalise content themselves, instantly making it even more valuable, unique and more importantly shareable.

Obviously no-one can condone some of the truly awful things people were putting on the National Lottery and Walkers campaigns, but I did see a creative use of media, particularly some of the less offensive examples



Numerous other products have fallen victim to similar pranksters, but it still seems that companies are still willing to open the door to let the imagination of the general public run wild with their brands.

I think the lesson from recent history is that we must not stop being creative, but perhaps we should just start being prepared for internet users being more creative!