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As part of a wider B2B strategy to engage with potential retailers and leasing agents, showcasing exactly what White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds has to offer and the mix of brands available at this regional retail destination, the team developed a dedicated White Rose photo book. This book was used by the centre’s leasing agents, landlord and onsite team to showcase the brand and retail mix at the centre in a visual and impactful way, and as an aid for discussions around positive retail trade and shopper demographics.

Alongside this photo book, we also worked closely with the client and White Rose’s leasing agents to generate several HTML’s, focusing on the expansion to the existing catering area, investment into the centre and the new retailer/brand leases which had already been secured – the open rate for each of these HTML’s was almost twice the industry average open rate!

HTML Results

  • 34.69% open rate – significantly higher than the national 20% benchmark
  • 273 unique opens
  • 13.55% of recipients clicked a link
  • Average number of clicks per person: 2.05
  • Received more than 43 clicks and 392 opens with the first hour of distribution
  • 0% unsubscribed