£1,500 raised in the #MoveForMind challenge

A look back at our Move for Mind campaign

Can you believe it’s the end of February already? Then the shortest month of the year came and went and having continued our Move for Mind Challenge, we find ourselves ready for the next challenge, March.

While things may be trickier than ever, there’s hope and a roadmap in sight, and we have been reflecting on the little things that we do have in our lives – and it made us realise that, for all the troubles in the world right now, we’re privileged enough to be experiencing these as outsiders, through the lens of the media for the most part. So, when Kaye reinforced the importance of taking time away from our desk, and to take on the seemingly simple but also some days challenging task of moving, every day, we rose to the challenge! Better yet to support Mental Health Charity Mind, in their #MoveforMind winter campaign, and we’re thrilled to announce it’s been a huge success.

Sabrina's move for mind benefit

What started as an attempt to get us all up and moving a little bit more, has steamrolled its way to raising £1,500 for Mind, the charity dedicated to helping those experiencing mental health problems. This incredible amount will be able to pay the cost of 15 Infoline advisors for the whole day. Along the way we have walked/danced/jogged 418.8 miles, with some of the team walking upwards of 80,000 steps in just one week! We are in awe.

Lynsey's move for mind benefit

When we first started the campaign, we mentioned that we were championing Dr Chatterjee’s four pillars to a happier, healthier life – one of the most important being to move. This has proven to be all too accurate.

Molly's move for mind benefit

Overall, we’re immensely proud of our team and each and every one of our colleagues who took part, in whatever small way, and came together for such an important campaign. We’re also incredibly grateful to anyone who donated, and to all of the Instagram boyfriends/husbands/housemates who had to put up with us repeatedly asking for ‘candid pics while we try out this yoga routine please!’

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