9 (Free) Marketing Essentials in Our Virtual Tool Box

Getting something for nothing always feels super satisfying, and when it comes to marketing tools, there’s a whole host of useful sites and services out there which you can use without paying for a pesky subscription. We asked around, and came up with a list of our favourite freebies, for everything from basic design to SEO ranking.

  1. Grammarly: Grammar isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If apostrophes aren’t your strong point, add the Grammarly plug-in to Google Chrome and watch it make light work of your punctuation woes! It’ll do a thorough spell-check and even provide you with a list of synonyms, so you can ditch the thesaurus.
  2. Trello: Trello is one of the most versatile organisational platforms out there, and it’s the ideal place to coordinate your workload, brief projects in or keep track of multiple deadlines. Open a free account, and you can create as many boards as you like for various projects. Don’t forget to invite other staff members to your boards so they can quickly see any ongoing projects.
  3. Pexels: There are plenty of stock image sites out there, but for free photographs, Pexels is a clear frontrunner. Be as specific as you can with your search, and you’ll find a huge range of high-quality images at your fingertips!
  4. WhatTheFont: This is a quick and clever font-identifier, perfect if you don’t have brand guidelines to-hand and you need to whip up a document or some assets. Just click and drag a screenshot of the text in question, and WhatTheFont will give you the exact font used, or the closest approximation available.
  5. Bitly: Bitly is an efficient way to quickly shrink lengthy URLs, with minimum fuss. Copy and paste the link into the Bitly search bar, and it’ll quickly be replaced with a shorter alternative. Some social media scheduling tools now come with a Bitly plugin as standard, which speeds up the process even further!
  6. Survey Monkey: This is a fantastic tool for both internal and external use. With a free account, you can build customisable surveys to distribute to colleagues, consumers or even your competitors. Authentic results from bespoke surveys like this are a valuable asset no matter what the context, and can provide key statistics for industry research.
  7. Evernote: If you’re prone to keeping multiple word docs, spreadsheets and sticky notes on your desktop, Evernote is right up your street! Create specific Notebooks for individual projects, upload existing documents into useful folders and share with your colleagues via a simple link. It’s a very pleasing way to catalogue your data, and you can download it to desktop or use Evernote Web if you want to access it remotely.
  8. Adobe Spark Post: With this app, you can quickly pull together creative assets, Instagram stories, banners and more, all from your mobile! You can choose from hundreds of templates, fonts and even build animated elements to add to your graphics. It’s sophisticated social media design made easy, and completely free.
  9. Site Checker: If you’re looking for simple ways to improve the SEO ranking of a website, this is a fantastic tool to use. Paste the URL of the website in question into the search bar, and Site Checker will use Google Page Speed to give it a rating out of 100. It’ll flag any other content which could be optimised further, including images which are slowing down loading speed.

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