FIVE social media errors you should avoid!

Anyone who works in social media will know that each platform is ever-changing. To stay at the top of the engagement game, you need to adapt to new advertising rules and regulations set by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more…

What to Expect on a Marketing Placement

It’s always a bit daunting starting a work placement. Whether you’re still studying or taking that first step on the career ladder, dipping your toe into the working world is something that lots of people find difficult. However, I can confidently say it’s not as scary as you imagine, and I’d definitely recommend it! It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to meet new people, gain valuable experience and get a taste of a career you might want to pursue.

Email marketing: The fundamentals

We know an awful lot about HTMLs here at Bewonder*, but as with most areas of digital, the ever-changing world of email marketing continues to develop at a rapid rate.

Holidays are coming…

It’s late November, it’s definitely getting colder, the clocks have gone back and the countdown to Christmas is very much on.

Preparing for a Transition into Autumn

Whilst the darker nights are starting to draw in, ready for the clocks changing at the end of the month, it made me start to think “where has the last year gone?”

Don’t stop being creative – just beware creative consumers!

The recent ‘hijacking’ of two well-intentioned social media campaigns made me start to think: “is it worth it?” Why try to innovate and get the audience really involved? Is it now too risky to try and be creative and attempt to create a unique personalised experience for the audience?