The Bold and the Brave: Campaigns we LOVED in 2018

January can often feel like one long Monday, so to help us ease out of the post-Christmas fog, we’re looking back over last year’s most memorable marketing campaigns. From Hollywood to Northumberland, there were plenty of moments to choose from, here are a few which really stayed with us…

Accessible Leeds: 5 Spaces which Cater for Everyone

Earlier this week, we celebrated Purple Tuesday; the UK’s first accessible shopping day, dedicated to raising awareness in retail spaces around visible and invisible disabilities. At Bewonder*, we’re proud to be based in a city which plays host to a variety of accessible spaces and places.

So where are Leeds’ most accessible spots we hear you ask? Let’s take a look…

This Brand Can: 5 Campaigns Which Put Women First

From the royal wedding to the world cup, 2018 has already been a stellar year for seasonal campaigns. One theme which continues to make marketing headlines is the empowerment of women, and the way different brands choose to celebrate this.

The AR Effect: Five Brands Putting Tech to the Test

As the technology we carry with us every day becomes more advanced, so does the demand for interactive and immersive digital experiences. Augmented reality – or AR – is just one of the ways brands are rising to this challenge.

FIVE social media errors you should avoid!

Anyone who works in social media will know that each platform is ever-changing. To stay at the top of the engagement game, you need to adapt to new advertising rules and regulations set by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more…

What to Expect on a Marketing Placement

It’s always a bit daunting starting a work placement. Whether you’re still studying or taking that first step on the career ladder, dipping your toe into the working world is something that lots of people find difficult. However, I can confidently say it’s not as scary as you imagine, and I’d definitely recommend it! It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to meet new people, gain valuable experience and get a taste of a career you might want to pursue.

Email marketing: The fundamentals

We know an awful lot about HTMLs here at Bewonder*, but as with most areas of digital, the ever-changing world of email marketing continues to develop at a rapid rate.