2019: The Year in Ads so Far…

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and with the longer days comes the chance to reflect on the year in advertising so far. 2019 has been tumultuous for the UK, but we’ve already seen ad agencies and brands alike tune in to key moments in both pop culture and politics.

6 Top Timing Tips for Email Marketing

Here at Bewonder*, we’re proud of our email marketing expertise, but we often find ourselves wondering, “if we loved that email, why was the open rate so low?”. There are a number of factors which are crucial to the success of email marketing, but perhaps the most important of these is timing.

5 April Fools That Nearly Had Us This Year

Here at Bewonder* we fully embrace April Fools’ Day, and the good, bad and plain wrong creative pranks that come with it. April 1st is the perfect excuse for brands to reveal their weirdest brainstorm outcome and share their own “fake news” in an attempt to prank audiences. We’ve rounded up our favourite April Fools’ of 2019…

Six Top Tips for Starting Your Apprenticeship

National Apprenticeship Week celebrates apprentices in all fields of the business world and showcases how apprenticeships can be great alternative to further education. They provide the opportunity for young, inexperienced people to gain valuable experience and skills through practical, hands-on roles in the workplace.

Nineteen-year-old apprentice, Chloe Gill, reveals what life’s like as a Bewonder* Apprentice…

9 (Free) Marketing Essentials in Our Virtual Tool Box

Getting something for nothing always feels super satisfying, and when it comes to marketing tools, there’s a whole host of useful sites and services out there which you can use without paying for a pesky subscription. We asked around, and came up with a list of our favourite freebies, for everything from basic design to SEO ranking.

The Bold and the Brave: Campaigns we LOVED in 2018

January can often feel like one long Monday, so to help us ease out of the post-Christmas fog, we’re looking back over last year’s most memorable marketing campaigns. From Hollywood to Northumberland, there were plenty of moments to choose from, here are a few which really stayed with us…

Accessible Leeds: 5 Spaces which Cater for Everyone

Earlier this week, we celebrated Purple Tuesday; the UK’s first accessible shopping day, dedicated to raising awareness in retail spaces around visible and invisible disabilities. At Bewonder*, we’re proud to be based in a city which plays host to a variety of accessible spaces and places.

So where are Leeds’ most accessible spots we hear you ask? Let’s take a look…

This Brand Can: 5 Campaigns Which Put Women First

From the royal wedding to the world cup, 2018 has already been a stellar year for seasonal campaigns. One theme which continues to make marketing headlines is the empowerment of women, and the way different brands choose to celebrate this.