Workplace Wellness: 7 Self-Care Steps

May is mental health awareness month, and at Bewonder* we’ve been making an effort to improve the wellbeing of our employees agency-wide.

In January, we formed the Bewonder* Buddies, a group of reps from each department, dedicated to workplace wellness. Covering everything from ergonomics to mindfulness, they’ve already introduced dreamy incentives for time-keeping (a masseuse came to the office, I kid you not) and organised lunchtime exercise classes. Here are their top tips for desktop self-care:

  • Don’t hate, hydrate. This might seem obvious, but we’re all guilty of it. Your brain is up to 73% water, so if you’re dehydrated it will actually shrink in size. Water can help to combat tiredness and headaches, speed up digestion and boost your immune system, so no excuses! If you don’t like the taste of tap water, try a bottle with a built-in filter, like bobble.
  • Take your lunchbreak! When you have a million things to do by COP, skipping your lunchbreak feels almost inevitable, but the benefits of some time away from your desk are tenfold. Psychology Today states that even a short break can prevent “decision fatigue”, so you’ll return to your desk more assertive and more efficient.
  • Confer with colleagues. When your inspiration is drying up and you need a second opinion, Google isn’t always the answer. Your colleagues are a fantastic resource, so have a brainstorm, get a peer to proof it and return the favour the next time they get stuck.
  • Make LISTS. Not only will this help with time-keeping and prioritisation, but you’ll get the satisfaction of ticking a task off when it’s done. Motivation hack: if your list looks a little daunting, add a couple of jobs you’ve already completed for a head start (we’ve all done it). 
  • Change your space. Sitting in the same spot all day isn’t conducive to creative thinking or productivity. If you have something challenging on your list that requires more focus, find somewhere quiet to hole up with a coffee and get your head down.
  • Snack with sense. We all lean on the caffeine crutch every now and then, but it’s important to keep an eye on your intake. According to healthline, too much caffeine can cause anxiety, high blood pressure and oddly, fatigue.As well as this, when you get the mid-afternoon munchies, remember that foods with high sugar levels (sweets, white carbs) will give you short term energy but may cause you to crash in the long run long. Try swapping these for snacks with natural sugars or protein, like blueberries, nuts and dark chocolate.
  • Be mindful of others. Self-care is important, but so is self-awareness. Try to remember that even if you’re having a relatively chilled day in the office, your neighbour might be on a tight deadline. This is especially relevant if your workplace encourages hot-desking, as you could be with people from every department, all of whom are working to different schedules.

We hope these are helpful! If you want to learn more about workplace wellness, find food for thought here.


Alys Marshall