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Insights: Changing Customer Landscapes

Build skills, change behaviours, make a difference…

We are taking a look at how the customer landscape has changed over the past 2 years and the important role that the investment in CX skills and capabilities play in customer success and business performance.


State of survival

Staffing shortages and supply chain issues were just some of the challenges experienced during the Covid 19 pandemic. As customers, we had to learn a whole range of new skills, largely to exist in an increased and normalised digital sphere of customer experience. As businesses, we struggled to ‘right size’ our teams and accelerate digital transformation in order to survive. It’s safe to say that during this period, customers allowed businesses a great amount of slack whilst in a state of survival mode.


Post pandemic adjustment + cost of living values

Customers have emerged from the pandemic with new priorities and values. Whilst it is clear that the inefficiencies customers tolerated during the pandemic are no longer acceptable, customer behaviours are still evolving as businesses and customers adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Recent studies show that customers have an even higher expectation than before the pandemic (Hubspot 2022). The pandemic has also had a negative impact on empathetic social skills, with an increasing number of people finding it difficult to read and use emotions within the workplace (Empathy through the pandemic, National Library of Medicine).

With 89% of adults in the UK continuing to report an increase in the cost of living (Office for National Statistics), this cost of living crisis has created one of the most challenging economic landscapes in half a century (Living Wage Foundation 2022). The combined effect of behaviour change brought about by the global pandemic and on going cost of living crisis presents a never before seen customer experience landscape.


Enhancing CX skills & capabilities

One of the smartest investments businesses can make during such a demanding customer landscape is in customer experience training. The 6 C’s of CX training delivered by Bewonder* is a unique customer experience training programme that provides people with the tools they need to navigate challenging customer landscapes and deliver outstanding experiences. Achieved through 6 modules, the learner journey focuses on enhancing positive customer interactions and building those all important empathy skills. The programme shares a wide range of powerful tools, enabling attendees to eliminate negative friction from their customer experiences, which we know leads to satisfaction and a sense of success. For more information about The 6 C’s click here.