Mental Health and Wellbeing in a New Decade

Remembering that it is okay to not be okay.

Entering a new decade, mental health and wellbeing remains a core topic for all ages…

I am very lucky in that the company I work for – Leeds and London-based marketing agency, Bewonder* – recognises that mental health is a taboo subject, but it is okay to not be okay.

As I sit here and write this blog, I realise that in a 2020 society topics such as anxiety, depression, mental health – the list is endless – is not uncommon. I myself have seen these symptoms within younger members of my family – and in a world where we can have a voice, partnering with James to give people an outlet via poetry felt like an excellent opportunity to not shy away from.

The Poetry Project, founded by James McInerney in 2008, aims to utilise poetry to raise awareness of subjects like depression, with the focus that poetry can be a way of expressing how one is feeling, to show you are not alone.

In light of recent national events, such as Purple Tuesday and Blue Monday, we worked with James to launch a nationwide campaign across 48 shopping centres and 10 retail parks. The collaboration focused on showcasing James’ poetry and quotes on both digital and print platforms, to help deliver important messages into communities further. For example, across the retail park sites we manage, we installed a poster in each community board and a digital website banner with one of my favourite quotes from James:

“Yesterday I was. Tomorrow I will be. Today I’ll take my time and enjoy being me.”

So why don’t you take this opportunity to share a positive quote with a friend or family member – even if it is just to brighten their day. A full list of quotes are available on The Poetry Project website:

Hopefully this inspires you to even create one of your own quotes or poems – here is mine!

“It is okay to not be okay, in each and every way,

We are but ourselves, on a journey every single day,

To create memories, suggest ideas and form opinions,

Which make bad decisions go away.”

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