Move for Mind

2021 is the year of self-care and mental wellbeing, of leaving behind the stresses and worries that have encapsulated our lives over the past 12 months. This is something that’s been on our minds for a while now, ever since we welcomed Dr Chatterjee (a British physician, author, podcaster and all-round health guru) to our annual Bewonder* Team Day back in March where we learnt about his four pillars to a happier, healthier life: relax, eat, move, and sleep.

As a team we’ve decided to harness these wellness tips and take on Mind’s #MoveforMind challenge this winter. For those not aware, Mind is a mental health charity who are on hand to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support. It goes without saying that this winter is going to be tougher than many we’ve faced before and while we are all adapting to constant changes and missing important family connections, there are still many across the country for whom this winter will feel unending.

That’s why Bewonder* are joining forces across the country, whether we’re WFH in Leeds, London, the South West or even Scotland, to come together to support Move for Mind, and support those who rely on access to their vital services. Across this period, we will collectively take on the challenge to move each and every day to help raise vital funds to support those in need. So, expect to see a lot of running, biking, burpees, walking, dancing and giggling on our social channels as we move our way through this difficult winter.

We’ve not set any rules, or regulations or limitations, as long as we get up and get moving every day, we’ll have succeeded. Because let’s face it, summoning up the energy to leave the front door right now can feel a challenge in itself, and something we should all applaud ourselves for achieving. We’ll be documenting all of this across our social channels, in the hope that we can raise even a small amount of money to support Mind in helping make this winter just a little bit brighter.

Should you wish to take on a challenge of your own or find out more about Mind and the services they offer click here

Now all that’s left to do is lace up and Move for Mind!

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