The Glades – Event experience


LaSalle investment Management

The Challenge

To encourage families to visit The Glades during the summer holiday period.

This formed part of The Glades’ commitment to grow it’s family audience and encourage loyalty and repeat visits through a number of child friendly events, themes, offers and new facilities.

Stellar Events

The Solution

Kids on the Moon was a true UK first. We gave the children of Bromley (and further afield) the opportunity to experience what it would be like to visit the moon.

The interactive exhibition, landed in the heart of The Glades for 4 weeks and was split into 3 parts; The Earth Area, The Cultural Area and finally The Lunar Area, where the kids don their space suits and feel what it’s like to walk on the moon.

Bewonder* created a tailored regional marketing and PR campaign including press, outdoor, social media, blogger and local stakeholder relations. We even had a visit with questions and answers from the European Space Agency!

Our Results

5,471 tickets booked – sold out
24 tenants involved – space trails, kids booklet and tenant displays
3 local stakeholders – The Chartwell Cancer Trust, CASPA, Orpington Astronomical Society
£75,200 of press coverage with reach of 935,000
4 influential local bloggers, visit from National Geographic Kids
+225 Facebook likes, 272, 758 impressions, 3,638 engagements, 1,808 clicks
+23,163 website visits, 2,736 new email contacts
Engagement increased by 184% MOM
#KidsOnTheMoon seen by 26,327 people