High Bridge Place Branding graphic 1
High Bridge Place Branding

Client: Schroders

High Bridge Place Branding

The Challenge

When Meadows Shopping Centre changed its name to High Bridge Place we created a new brand that tapped into the essence and personality of the centre. We designed a brand that brought together the customers, the suppliers, staff and stakeholders with an elegant, modern and stylish approach flowing through the identity... always connected, that's High Bridge Place

Our Solution

We used a simple graphic link in the H and B of the brand marque to emphasise this connection. A subtle colour palette and fluid graphic elements together with a complimentary photography style to brings the brand to life.

The Bewonder* team provided a number of great options throughout the design process of this website and I am really impressed with the final product. The website is modern, easy to navigate and the style fits the scheme well.

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