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Wild Glades Festival

Client: The Glades

Wild Glades Festival


The Challenge

Develop a community engagement project with sustainability at its heart. Ensure that the project was ‘Covid safe’ and could be delivered successfully during a pandemic. Deliver engaging and meaningful activity which links closely with other local stakeholders.

Our Solution

Introducing Bromley’s first biodiversity festival – an online festival called Wild Glades, focussed on educating and exciting local families about sustainability. By targeting local schools, we were able to communicate with children in an educational environment. There were several local stakeholders who were keen to be involved, adding breadth and local relevance to the content. Working with biodiversity experts, Artecology, the festival content produced was both high quality and authentic.

Our results

  • 104% increase to web visits WoW
  • 40,627 people reached on social media
  • 20 contributors


I’ve enjoyed working with Bewonder* on the Wild Glades wildlife roof project immensely. From our early stage engagement with the Bewonder* team during the actual green roof works stage, where their media production support proved to be very useful, through to current work on their idea for an online Wild Glades Festival, I’ve been impressed by their obvious enthusiasm for the Wild Glades project and with their commitment to ensuring we collectively explore meaningful stakeholder/community engagement in a variety of novel ways. All of us at Artecology were also mightily impressed with the tech skills of the web team in creating the Wild Glades microsite and I believe the archived video material and web content will continue to be relevant schools as time goes by.

  • Nige George
  • Artecology

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