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Customer Experience

Their occupier satisfaction was in decline, so our challenge was to put in place a strategy for sustained improvement and exceed the industry benchmark in occupier satisfaction. By analysing customer data, we were able to identify and understand the experiences that were impacting satisfaction. It was clear that their customers wanted more face-to-face opportunities to speak with people in the property management team, encouraging greater ownership of issues raised and a quicker resolutions. Using this insight, we designed a strategy focused on delivering sustained improvement through ongoing CX consultancy, recruitment of a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager to meet with occupiers more regularly, as well as a bespoke training programme for the property management team.

As a result, customer satisfaction improved significantly and continued to improve for two years. This improved performance also resulted in team recognition and financial rewards for the property management team. As a landlord, Royal London’s brand reputation as a sustainable asset manager was positively reinforced, with excellent tenant retention.