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Creating a naming and brand development strategy for a unique, boutique, mixed-use development that would set it apart from luxury competitors in the area, while embracing the authentic and colourful heritage of the Parmigiani family.

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Collaborating with the Parmigiani family, the heart and soul behind this unique boutique estate, allowed us to bring their rich Italian heritage, original stories and modern vision to life.

From residential and commercial spaces to a floral coffee shop and zen garden, this project embodies their passion for food, art, fashion, and culture. Starting with a brand workshop, we embarked on a nostalgic and eclectic journey helping us shape a fresh and original brand.

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The Parmigiani’s chose an illustrative brand so that they could make it their own with bespoke elements and bright colours. Resulting in a brand that captures the essence of Italian living and tells a vibrant story – a true testament to this extraordinary family and place.

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